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Pino Art Collection
Pino is noted for his exceptional ability to capture the movements and expressions of his subjects - a talent which has brought his artwork a worldwide following and private commissions to do portraits. Pino has been invited to make several appearances on major TV networks and has been interviewed in national and international journals.

Pino Daeni, born Giuseppe Dangelico, in Italy, on November 8th 1939, trained at the Art institute of Bari,... Full Biography.

Angelica Photo Angelica, Pino
Morning Reflections Photo Morning Reflections, Pino
Rapture Photo Rapture, Pino
Silk Taffeta Photo Silk Taffeta, Pino
Unknown - Portrait Photo Unknown - Portrait, Pino
Close to my Heart Photo Close to my Heart, Pino
The Dancer Photo The Dancer, Pino
Enchantment Photo Enchantment, Pino
Untitled - Mother and Child Photo Untitled - Mother and Child, Pino
Moments of Affection Photo Moments of Affection, Pino
Desire Photo Desire, Pino
La Diva Photo La Diva, Pino
Dream Catcher Photo Dream Catcher, Pino
Silk Taffeta Photo Silk Taffeta, Pino
Party Dreams Photo Party Dreams, Pino
Her Favorite Book Photo Her Favorite Book, Pino
Thinking of You Photo Thinking of You, Pino
Almost Ready Photo Almost Ready, Pino
Tuscan Stroll Photo Tuscan Stroll, Pino
White Lace Photo White Lace, Pino
Desire Photo Desire, Pino
Spring Flower Photo Spring Flower, Pino
Spring Flowers Photo Spring Flowers, Pino
By the Mirror Photo By the Mirror, Pino
A Time to Remember Photo A Time to Remember, Pino
Sweet Rest Photo Sweet Rest, Pino
Untitled Photo Untitled, Pino
Anticipation Photo Anticipation, Pino
Day Dream Photo Day Dream, Pino
Deborah Revisited Photo Deborah Revisited, Pino
Artworks on Sale
Amazing Amalfi Photo Amazing Amalfi, Diane Monet
Untitled Photo Untitled, Jose Francisco Lopez Salcedo
August Morn Photo August Morn, Jon Carsman
NY II Photo NY II, Nancy Wiseman
Size Does Matter Photo Size Does Matter, Todd Harris Goldman
My Heart Is Yours Photo My Heart Is Yours, Kim Lawrence
Tango I Photo Tango I, Alfred Gockel
Flamingo Fizz Photo Flamingo Fizz, Lona
Arbor Photo Arbor, George Vincent
Passion Fruit Photo Passion Fruit, Lona
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New Arrivals
Purgatory 31 - Dante's Confession Photo Purgatory 31 - Dante's Confession, Salvador Dali
Hell Canto 9 - Erinnyes Photo Hell Canto 9 - Erinnyes, Salvador Dali
Hell Canto 22 - Traitors Against Their Hosts Photo Hell Canto 22 - Traitors Against Their Hosts, Salvador Dali
Purgatory 10 - The Face of Virgil Photo Purgatory 10 - The Face of Virgil, Salvador Dali
Purgatory 6 - Deaths by Violence Photo Purgatory 6 - Deaths by Violence, Salvador Dali
Hell Canto 16 - The Ghost Spoken of Photo Hell Canto 16 - The Ghost Spoken of, Salvador Dali
Purgatory 21 - The Source Photo Purgatory 21 - The Source, Salvador Dali
Scarface - Al Pacino Photo Scarface - Al Pacino, Stephen Fishwick
Hell Canto 28 - Falsifiers Photo Hell Canto 28 - Falsifiers, Salvador Dali
Hell Canto 26 - Centaur Photo Hell Canto 26 - Centaur, Salvador Dali
Featured Media
Original Woodblock Painting
Hand Painted Cel
Original Lithographic Bookplate
Animation Sericel
Original Photograph
Lithograph on Paper
Original Oil On Paper
Original Animation Cel
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