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Pino Art Collection
Pino is noted for his exceptional ability to capture the movements and expressions of his subjects - a talent which has brought his artwork a worldwide following and private commissions to do portraits. Pino has been invited to make several appearances on major TV networks and has been interviewed in national and international journals.

Pino Daeni, born Giuseppe Dangelico, in Italy, on November 8th 1939, trained at the Art institute of Bari,... Full Biography.

Seaside Gathering Photo Seaside Gathering, Pino
Day Dream Photo Day Dream, Pino
Elegant Seduction Photo Elegant Seduction, Pino
Colorful Archway Photo Colorful Archway, Pino
Enchantment Photo Enchantment, Pino
Spring Flower Photo Spring Flower, Pino
White Lace Photo White Lace, Pino
By The Sea Photo By The Sea, Pino
Love Photo Love, Pino
Deborah Revisited Photo Deborah Revisited, Pino
Long Day Photo Long Day, Pino
Tuscan Stroll Photo Tuscan Stroll, Pino
Golden Afternoon Photo Golden Afternoon, Pino
Sea Spray Photo Sea Spray, Pino
Yellow Shawl Photo Yellow Shawl, Pino
Afternoon Stroll Photo Afternoon Stroll, Pino
Desire Photo Desire, Pino
Sweet Rest Photo Sweet Rest, Pino
By the Mirror Photo By the Mirror, Pino
Fanciful Dreams Photo Fanciful Dreams, Pino
Summer Retreat Photo Summer Retreat, Pino
Contemplation Photo Contemplation, Pino
Basket of Love Photo Basket of Love, Pino
Seaside Retreat Photo Seaside Retreat, Pino
La Diva Photo La Diva, Pino
Seaside Summer Photo Seaside Summer, Pino
Thinking of You Photo Thinking of You, Pino
Evening Repose Photo Evening Repose, Pino
Seaside Gathering Photo Seaside Gathering, Pino
Almost Ready Photo Almost Ready, Pino
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